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Setting up a business from scratch, with limited know-how and few contacts – just a killer idea – stops a lot of people from starting.

Winking Tiger want to take some of the risk and obstacles out of your way. So we came up with a system where you can have everything you need now – then pay as you grow!

Does your business look like a 70’s kitchen next to your competition? Re-vamping and breathing life into a tired business is critical to staying in business. Our team of professionals will take care of whatever it is your business needs – from start to finish. In plain English, with no tech talk, communicating with you every step of the way.


How would you feel if you could have everything your business will need to soar minus the scary $$$ outlay, and pay-by-the-month plans? You can. We’ve put together a list of all the brand and marketing items businesses need to revamp or to get up and running. You just tick what your business will need, then choose your repayment terms.





Tailor it to suit YOU

Add what you need, subtract what you don’t – build the perfect package for your business.




Stress free, fee-free and interest free ALWAYS. We even give Wink Discounts if you choose to pay your plan off faster.



Built by professionals

Your entire package will be designed, built and delivered by a team of award-winning professionals who will give you the best start you could ever have in business!

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